Christine with Billy Ray Cyrus in #1 YouTube Video

Christine Wu performed electric violin with effects for Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky 2 hip hop remix with Buck 22. The video reached #1 on YouTube on February 12.

Christine explains, “I’ve played the original with Cyrus on TV and live onstage with a band, which was so much fun. I remember Cyrus asking me about Achy Breaky at a rehearsal that included his new swamp rocker with fiddle ‘Hillbilly Heart’. He says ‘What do you think about putting some fiddle on Achy?’ Ha, you don’t have to ask me twice. Bring on the good time!”

“For the hip hop version, I brought my impressions of the original and translated that into something brand new. There’s so much in the new version to pick up on too, and i’m always listening for something fun to play off of such as background vocals, guitar hooks and so on. The song already felt like a a runaway train when I heard a rough version, so I put some wah effects on the fiddle to make some sounds that remind me of train whistles. The original version has an emphasis on “Wooooooo!” right after the hook, which wasn’t in the hip hop version, so i played off of that in the strings. Finally, Cyrus has the idea ‘hey, put some Charlie Daniels fiddle but electrified & distorted in there.’ It was a fun process.”

Watch it here: